Access Cards
Access Policy
Access to the Loading Dock
Air-Condition Vents
Alterations to Furniture and Artworks
Announcement and Audio Systems
Balloons and Flying Objects
Canvassing, Solicitation and Distribution
Car Display
Care of the Building
Communication (Telephone Data)
Copyright, Permits and Licenses
Disclosure – Event Profile
Distribution of Brochures
Distribution of Gifts
Electricity Supply – Mobile Generator
Electrical Testing
Emergency and Evacuation Procedures
Escalators and Lifts
Floor Loading Limit
Freight Lifts
Foyer Display
Hanging Objects
Lighting, Sound and Visual Systems
Loss of Property
Motorised Vehicles
Potted Plants and Floral Arrangements
Sand, Soil and Similar Materials
Satellite Dish Placement
Smoking Policy
Water and Drainage Service to Pits


Access Cards

The Centre is equipped with an electronic locking system. Access cards are necessary for entry into all areas within the Centre. Access cards may be issued to the Event Organiser (hereinafter referred to as the Organiser) upon request or on entry to the venue. Up to a maximum of two (2) access cards may be issued per room. Event Organisers must return the access cards to the Centre prior to the expiration of the Licence Period.

In the event an issued access card is lost, the Event Organisers shall immediately inform the Security Department. A replacement fee will be charged to the Event Organisers.

Access to Personnel

Subject to the Centre's approval as to numbers, the Organiser may issue media passes or car passes permitting specified persons access to specified areas of the Centre normally closed to the public. No person, other than persons actively engaged in the presentation of an event, may enter the area of the Centre in which the event is being held without having been issued a ticket or any other form of entry pass or identifying name tag.

Security Systems and Procedures

The Centre has overall control of all security systems and security procedures necessary to ensure the security at all times of the Centre, all persons in the facility and facilities of the Centre. The Centre is entitled to employ or engage, from time to time at the cost of the Organiser, such security personnel or special duty police as it thinks fit to ensure that security.

General Security and Access Cards

The Organiser must comply with all requirements laid down by the Centre from time to time for general security and crowd control at the Centre and, without limitation:

  • must ensure that all access cards or other security access to doors and equipment in the Centre, which have been given to the Organiser, are kept in the charge of persons who are authorised by the Centre;

  • must not make duplicate access cards or copies of other access devices and must return up all access cards and such devices to the Centre on vacating the Centre; and

  • must pay the cost of replacement of any access cards or access devices lost or damaged by the Organiser, its servants, agents, invitees or licensees and the cost of replacement of access devices for any door where the access card or access device in the possession of the Organiser is lost or not returned on vacating the Centre, even if that access card or access device is later recovered.


Access Policy

Access to Centre Guidelines

No access will be permitted for the delivery of exhibits, equipment, props and other items into any part of the Centre prior to the first date of the Licence Period (outside of the schedule in the Sales Agreement). Early access may or may not be granted and is subject to the following conditions:

  • Written permission from the Centre

  • A rental fee will be charged based on the duration of the early access and the area accessed within the Centre

  • Written indemnity by the Event Organiser to the Centre to cover all aspects of property damage, public liabilities and all risks whatsoever during this early access.

Refusal of Admission

The Organiser appoints the Centre and its servants and agents as agents of the Organiser to refuse admission to or cause to be removed any person from the Centre.

Disorderly Conduct

The Organiser must not permit or allow:

  • any riotous, disorderly or improper conduct in the Centre;

  • any person who is guilty of riotous, disorderly or improper conduct to be or stay on or in the Centre; or

  • any act, matter or thing, which may injure or diminish or tend to injure or diminish the reputation of the Centre.

Police Liaison

It is the responsibility of the Centre to liaise with the police in respect of the attendance by members of the police force at the Centre. The Organiser must not hinder or obstruct or allow to be hindered or obstruct any member of the police force or any security officer or attendant or other employee or agent of the Centre in his or her activities within the Centre from time to time.

Emergency Services

  • The Organiser must not hinder or obstruct any member of the medical or nursing profession, police force, fire brigade, ambulance service, first aid service or other emergency services or any security officer employed in respect of the Centre in exercising his or her duties in or about the Centre.

  • If the Organiser or its servants, agents, sub-contractors, invitees, licensees, participants, exhibitors and competitors or any Patron in or about the Centre at any time:
    • requests, accepts or uses the services of a physician or surgeon; or
    • requests, accepts or uses any ambulance service or any service in connection with any injury or sickness occurring to any person or persons while within or about the Centre,

  • even if that service or those services are made available or obtained by the Centre, the Organiser will release and hold the Centre harmless from all responsibility or liability for the acts and conduct, or services rendered, of any physician or surgeon or ambulance service or other services

  • The Organiser will release and hold the Centre and its employees, agents and contractors harmless from all responsibility or liability for acts or omissions to act in the event of any injury, sickness or emergency in or about the Centre during the course of an event which forms part of the Hiring

Observance of Security and Evacuation Procedures

The Organiser must familiarise itself with all emergency evacuation procedures of the Centre and must observe all security and emergency evacuation procedures applicable from time to time at the Centre.

Move-in/Move-out Schedules

Move-in and move-out schedules showing the access time for contractor, Event Organiser’s and/or exhibitors’ personnel are required and must be submitted to the Centre fourteen (14) days prior to the Event move-in. (See Traffic Management)

Event Organisers must notify the Centre at least three (3) working days prior to any changes to the move-in/move-out schedules, so that changes can be promptly reflected in the Loading Dock Traffic Control Schedule.

Equipment Ingress and Egress

The Organiser must only use entrances and exits designated by the Centre for moving in or out equipment or other materials and must comply with all regulations and directions of the Centre as to access and vehicle movements and load limits.

Hall Inspection

The Centre will undertake documented pre-event and post-event inspections of the venue in cooperation with the Event Organisers or their appointed representative.

The pre-event hall inspection will take place prior to the move-in date while the post-event inspection will be held after final move-out of contractors.

Upon conclusion of the event and tear-down, a joint inspection will be conducted involving the Event Organiser, event management company representative and Conference Host to check for defects and damage to the venue.

The cost of any defects or damage to the building resulting from the event and contractor build-up will be charged to the Event Organiser (See Damage).

Backdrop Erection and Dismantling Times

During the build-up period, the venue will be accessible from 07:00 hrs to 23:59 hrs. The seven (7) hours from 00:00 hrs to 06:59 hrs during the period allows the Centre to undertake building maintenance, repairs and clearing if required. Work may not be carried out during this time and the venue will remain closed to Event Organisers and contractors. Where activities are necessary beyond or exceeding the night time closure, an additional rental charge, calculated on an hourly and a per hall basis will be incurred unless otherwise stated in the Sales Agreement.

For reasons of general safety, the break between 00:00 hrs and 06:59 hrs also ensures that personnel engaged by contractors for the event will receive a rest period, thus enhancing occupational health and safety standards within the venue.

Event Management companies and their contractors are to unload their vehicles at the loading dock and not, the front door. Any damage to the building as a result of moving materials in through the front door and public lifts will be the responsibility of the Event Organiser.

No children under the age of 18 years are allowed into the contracted venues during the build-up and breakdown. The contracted venues can be hazardous during these times and this ruling is in place to protect the children’s safety.

Duration of Event

The contracted venue is open to the Event Organiser as per the contracted timing. Event Organisers who are required to be at their contracted venue before or after these times for whatever reason must seek written permission from the Centre. Such permission will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any maintenance work required during the event must be pre-arranged by the Event Organiser with the Centre. Maintenance can only be undertaken during the closed hours of the event.


Access to the Loading Dock

(See Traffic Management)



Air-conditioning/ventilation is not provided in the venue during the build-up or tear-down period. If required, Event Organisers may need to make prior arrangements with the Centre for air-conditioning/ventilation during these periods and which will be charged on an hourly rate basis.

The request of air-conditioning/ventilation during the build-up period is subject to the following conditions:

  • The air-conditioning/ventilation requested must be in a continuous block of four (4) hours minimum duration.

  • The contracted venue must be cleared of any form of waste that may damage the air-conditioning such as sawdust, styrofoam packaging, paint, etc. so they do not affect the air-conditioning system.

Ventilation will be turned on upon completion of the build-up as per the above conditions. Complimentary air-conditioning will be provided during rehearsal for venues with rental charge.

Air-conditioning will be provided to the venue two (2) hours prior to the operational opening time and for one (1) hour after the operational closing time. Air-conditioning required outside the above times will be charged on an hourly rate basis per venue.


Air-Condition Vents

Care should be taken to ensure drapes and other related items are not positioned so as to obstruct airflow from air-condition vents in any room. Drapes and other related items must be rigged below the level of the vents.



The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is a fully licensed venue and sells, supplies and serves alcohol for events. An alcoholic beverage license or retail license is required for promotional and sponsorship alcohol. The Centre’s license to serve alcohol is only till midnight and the Event Organiser must apply for any extension of this time with DBKL. For more details, please visit


Alterations to Furniture and Artworks

Furniture at public areas cannot be removed. The removal of furniture, fittings and artworks from their original location in the venue requires prior written consent from the Centre’s Management.


Announcement and Audio Systems

Contracted venue rental is inclusive of a standard PA system for three (3) wired mics and 1x build-in projector with screen only.

Announcements during Events

The Centre may announce, describe and advertise over any sound system, closed-circuit television system or display advertising or visual presentation facilities in the foyers, concourses and public areas of the Centre during the staging of an event. The Centre reserves the exclusive right to use the Centre's sound system and display facilities and all other advertising capabilities and facilities in and about the foyers, concourses and public areas of the Centre which in its opinion are desirable or appropriate

Noise Levels

Event Organisers are advised that any audio system or electrical device producing irritating, intermittent and/or sequential sounds/noise is not permitted without prior approval from the Centre.

The distribution of noisemakers such as whistles, crickets, horns, etc. is prohibited. Audio presentations must be muffled so that the noise does not interfere with other events, the work of our employees and/or visitors passing through the Centre. Any noise emitted must comply with relevant public health, environmental and occupational health and safety legislation. Persons in charge of the sound system have an obligation to ensure that the system does not exceed the specified SPL (Sound Pressure Level) as indicated in the Laws of Malaysia, Factories and Machineries Act 1967, Noise Exposure Regulations 1989.

The operation of machines and appliances generating noise should be kept to a minimum in the interest of all exhibitors and visitors. Noise at the stand boundary shall not exceed 70 dB (A).


Balloons and Flying Objects

Event Organisers wishing to use balloons as part of their event or display must seek written permission from the Centre fourteen (14) days prior to move-in date. The written request should be accompanied by the following details:

  • Location to display the balloons.
  • Balloons must be hung over organiser’s contracted venue only and not over the foyers.
  • Types of balloons on display.
  • Size/diameter/length of balloons to be displayed.
  • 3D photo of balloons.
  • Type of gas used in the balloons.
  • Material from which the balloon is constructed.

Toy balloons containing helium may not be distributed on the premises without written approval from the Centre. Decorative balloons must be tied down and not free floating.

Balloons filled with safety gas and remote–controlled flying objects are strictly prohibited in the contracted venues and the Centre’s grounds.

Event Organisers are advised that they will be held responsible for any costs incurred by the Centre for repairing damage to the air-handling equipment within the Centre due to gas-filled balloons being drawn into the units or getting caught in the roof structure. Charges may be incurred for the retrieval of helium balloons from the ceiling.



(See Appendix F – Signage Guidelines)

The Centre has a variety of banner hanging opportunities for Event Organisers to use for both directional and promotional purposes. Such facilities will incur a rental charge. Please find below a range of banner hanging services and facilities available for use during your event.

Banner Rods

Public areas are equipped with remote-controlled banner hanging rods. The maximum vertical load per rod is 20 kg, with a maximum load of 10 kg attached to the rod. Each banner hanging rod is attached to a remote-controlled motor to allow the banner hanging rod to be lowered to a height of 1.5 metres (4.92 feet) from the ground.

Banner Hanging Points

The Grand Ballroom, Banquet Hall and Conference Halls 1, 2 and 3 are fitted with static rigging points. The Exhibition Halls are fully-equipped with a box truss rigging system for any rigging projects including banners.

Banner Pillars

In addition, six (6) banner pillars located at the front entrance of the Centre are available for promotional purposes.

Please discuss your particular banner requirements with your Event/Exhibition Coordinator who will provide advice and any other operational details, price list, confirm placement and coordinate bookings. (See Appendix F – Signage Guidelines)

Banner Hanging Regulations

  • Banners suspended from the hall ceilings are to be installed and dismantled by the Centre.

  • However, the Centre reserves the right to refuse to hang any banners which are deemed unsafe.

  • Only lightweight hanging banners with dimensions of 4mW x 2mH (Horizontal) or 3mW x 1mH (Vertical) will be permitted with no lighting or other attachments.

  • The maximum weight of a banner hung from the hall ceilings shall not exceed 20 kg.

  • The order of banner hanging in the Exhibition Halls must be submitted with a truss ceiling plots plan specifying the exact location(s) of the banner(s) for the Centre’s reference at least fourteen (14) days prior the build-up date.

  • All banners should be delivered to the Centre at least three (3) working days prior to the event build-up date.

  • A relocation charge is applicable for any change in the location of a banner after it has been hung.

  • Banner installation is subject to the strict adherence to the above pre-conditions, failing which the Centre reserves the right to refuse installation without further notice.

  • To book the space for banner hanging, please contact your Event/Exhibition Coordinator for a copy of the Banner Hanging Request Form.



The Centre can assist with facilities for the broadcast and/or telecast of events held in the Centre. Event Organisers must notify the Centre a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to the event and obtain prior written approval from the Centre for any broadcasting and/or telecasting equipment to be brought in for use at the said event. Depending on occupancy in the facility, the Centre’s Management will decide whether to permit the parking of any OB vehicle within its premises.


Canvassing, Solicitation and Distribution

Prior written consent is required from the Centre for the solicitation and canvassing of business anywhere in the Centre other than within the event area. The distribution of pamphlets, handbills or other promotional material on vehicles parked within the Centre’s car park is prohibited.


Car Display

(See Motorised Vehicle)


Care of the Building

No attachment, fitting or detachment is to be made to the interior or exterior walls, floors, ceiling, or pillars of the building, without prior knowledge or consent from the Centre’s Management. This includes any equipment or device whatsoever which would be affixed to, or suspended from, any structure of the building, and includes attachments that would damage any surface or structure in any part of the building.



The Event Organiser is responsible for ensuring that the Centre’s CCTV cameras are not obstructed at any time. Prior approval is required from the Centre for access to view any surveillance data.


Communication (Telephone Data)

Telephone, facsimile, internet lines and networking can be provided throughout the Centre on request. Please discuss your requirement with your Event/Exhibition Coordinator.


Copyright, Permits and Licenses

Event Organisers are responsible for obtaining all licences, permits and approval from the appropriate organisation, government department, statutory board or competent authority as required for staging the event.

Copies of the licences, permits and approvals obtained must be submitted to the Centre fourteen (14) days prior to the event.



Under Clause 14.1 of the Centre’s Hire Agreement, the Event Organiser is responsible for anything done in or to the Centre by its representatives. The acts or omission of the Event Organiser’s representatives are taken to be the acts or omission of the hirer.

A representative is defined as employees, officers, servants, agents, invitees, licensees, players, performers, participants, exhibitors, customers, contractors and sub-contractors.

Any damage to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre by the Event Organiser’s representatives will therefore be billed to the Event Organiser.

All damages committed by third parties, whether noticed by the Centre staff or by the general public, must be reported to Security, who will complete an incident report detailing who caused the incident, the damage done, the names of any witnesses and any other information pertinent to the situation.

A report includes details of the damage incurred at the event. The replacement costs will be copied to the Event Organiser and the appropriate costs will be charged to the Event Organiser or in the case of a Congress, deducted from the Event Organiser’s security deposit.



Event Organisers should take into consideration on the following:

1) Table Decoration

  • Use of naked flame is not permitted unless placed within a container that is higher than the flame

  • Use of glitter substance or any decoration is not encouraged for food hygiene reasons

  • Decorations on table must be adequately supported if more than 0.5 m in height to a maximum of 1 meter

2) Room and Ceiling Decoration
  • Ceiling decoration must be vertical and not horizontal

  • Installation method of ceiling must meet with SHE standards i.e. using correct weight cable ties

  • Ceiling decoration must not block any of Centre’s safety facilities

  • The plotting of the ceiling decoration must be submitted to the Centre for SHE review and to obtain a quotation

  • Floor decorations may not have cables running along the floor. If power is required, it must be located at areas with power facility

  • Floor decoration may not be higher than 2 m and support method must meet with SHE standards

  • No naked flame may be used on the floor



(See Traffic Management)


Disclosure – Event Profile

Event Organisers are required to provide an event and company profile to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre during the sales process. A copy of the event profile must be provided to the Centre prior to the event move-in dates.

This is necessary to protect Event Organisers and the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from “Ambush Marketing” and to avoid bookings with a conflict of interest.


Distribution of Brochures

The distribution of printed matter and circulation of advertising materials is permitted only at the stand space itself.


Distribution of Gifts

No person shall distribute or give away any item of food, drink or tobacco not supplied by the Centre without the express written consent of the Centre.

If the Centre gives its consent and the circumstances are such that, in the opinion of the Centre, the distribution or gift is liable to have a significant effect on the sale of food, drink or tobacco by the Centre, the Centre, as a condition of giving its consent, will be entitled to charge the Event Organiser such sums as the Centre considers to be equivalent to the reduction in profits likely to be suffered as a result of the distribution or gift.

Event Organisers must declare door gifts for its delegates to the Centre. In the event that door gifts contain perishable items, it must comply with the Centre’s Halal guidelines (listed under Halal status as below).


Electricity Supply – Mobile Generator

For any temporary installation of a mobile generator for electricity supply for events in the Centre, it is mandatory that the Event Organiser submit the License or Permit issued by Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Energy Commission of Malaysia) to the Centre at least seven (7) working days prior to the start of the event. For further details, please refer to Malaysia Federal Law, Section 9, Electricity Supply Act 1990 (2001 amendment).


Electrical Testing

The Centre will not supply electricity to any installation which does not comply with these regulations or any statutory or other regulations or orders of regulatory bodies.

To ensure compliance, the Centre’s electrical charge man will inspect and test all installations. The contractor responsible for the installation shall advise the Centre when it is ready for inspection and testing and, when found to be satisfactory, the installation will be connected to the Centre's electricity supply and energised by the authorised or a competent person. Where an installation is found to be unsatisfactory, the supply will not be connected and the Centre will advise the person responsible for the installation to that effect, who will then rectify any faults and advice the Centre when the installation is ready for further inspection and testing.

The Centre will not accept responsibility for:

  • Delay in energising installations which are found to be unsatisfactory, or where insufficient time has been allowed for inspection and testing; and

  • Any faults discovered in the installations after inspection and testing and subsequent energising by the Centre.


Emergency and Evacuation Procedures

(See Fire and Safety Regulations)



Organiser's Equipment

  • The Organiser must not, without the prior approval of the Centre:
    • install or bring into the Licence Area any additional electrical installation equipment or fittings;
    • install or bring into the Licence Area any flammable, explosive or other dangerous goods or any items to be used in conducting a potentially dangerous activity or a pyrotechnic activity which is permitted by the Centre under clause 8.4 below;
    • suspend or permit to be suspended any object or thing from the ceiling or from any wall of the Licence Area; or
    • bring into the Licence Area any scenery curtains, equipment or other property which have not been fire-proofed or are not maintained in a fire-proofed condition in accordance with applicable regulations or standards in Malaysia or as prescribed by the Centre from time to time.

  • Any rigging, electrical connections or other work will be performed only by or under the supervision of the Centre, its staff or agent.


  • The Organiser must ensure that all the equipment or materials of any kind it brings into the Centre are used, installed, stored and maintained in accordance with any prevailing safety standards, regulations or requirements.

  • The Organiser must ensure that in staging the Hiring or an event, it complies with any prevailing safety standards or requirements.

  • The Organiser must apply for, obtain and maintain all registrations, licenses, approvals or consents which are required in respect of the use or operation of any equipment or materials or for the staging of the Hiring or an event.

  • The Centre may in its absolute discretion require the Organiser to satisfy additional safety or technical requirements as determined by the Centre.

  • Nothing in this agreement requires the Centre to undertake safety or technical inspections. If the Centre does undertake an inspection, the Organiser remains responsible for its obligations under this agreement and is not released from any duty of care, which it may owe to the Centre or to any other person.

  • The Centre may retain technical advisers and experts to advise it on the staging of an event. The Organiser must pay the fees of such advisers and experts.

  • The Organiser must not overload the floor of the Centre beyond its maximum permitted loading. The Organiser must furnish to the Centre, upon request, all plans, drawings and specifications relating to anything to be used, displayed or utilised by it in the Centre and must not, without the prior written approval of the Centre, bring onto or remove from the Centre anything which is by reason of its weight or vibration, its use or operation or in any other way likely to cause damage to the Centre. The Organiser must comply with any instructions given by the Centre with respect to the routing, replacement and method of installation and use of any equipment or other items to be used, displayed or utilised.

Centre's Directions

The Centre is not required to give any directions in relation to the safe and proper use of the Licence Area, its facilities and equipment. The Organiser must comply with any reasonable direction of the Centre in connection with the safe and proper use of the Licence Area, its facilities and equipment. The fact that the Centre or its staff or agent supervises any work or gives any directions will not release the Organiser from any of its obligations under this agreement nor will it release the Organiser from any duty of care which it may owe to the Centre or to any other person.

Alterations and Additions

The Organiser must not make any alterations or additions to the structure or the fittings, facilities or equipment of the Centre without the prior approval of the Centre which may be withheld at the Centre’s absolute discretion.


Escalators and Lifts

Passenger lifts and escalators are not to be used for transporting freight or equipment or furniture including tables, chairs, boxes, etc. The use of trolleys is prohibited in the passenger lifts.

The redirection of the escalator flow and programming of the passenger lifts is subject to the Centre’s approval in consideration of other events taking place at the same time.



(See Floor Loading Limit)

Exhibition Halls 1,2,4 and 5 have solid concrete cement floors with a weight bearing capacity of 20.0 KN/m2/2040 Kg/m.

Level 3, the Grand Ballroom, Banquet Hall and Conference Hall are carpeted floors with a weight bearing capacity of 5.0 KN/m 2 /510 Kg/m2.


Floor Loading Limit

All floor areas within the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre have specified loading limits per square metre as follows:

Grand Ballroom 5.0 KN/m 2 / 510 Kg/m2
Banquet Hall 5.0 KN/m 2 / 510 Kg/m2
Conference Hall 5.0 KN/m 2 / 510 Kg/m2
Exhibition Halls 20.0 KN/m2 /2040 Kg/m2
Loading/Unloading Dock 10.0 KN/m2 /1020 Kg/m2

Any equipment or items to be used or displayed whose weight exceeds the floor capacity limit must be assessed prior to the positioning of the item or equipment. The use of a spreader plate may be required to spread the weight evenly. Where this is necessary, the cost is to be borne by the Exhibitor.

The Event Organiser is required to notify the Centre and provide the following information twenty-one (21) days before the event:-

  • Gross weight of the item.
  • A picture or diagram of the item.
  • Indicate on the floor plan where the item is to be located.


Freight Lifts

There are three (3) freight lifts for material handling in the Centre and these are located at the East, Centre and West of the building.

Door Height 2.6 metres (8.53 feet)
Door Width 2.7 metres (8.86 feet)
Interior Height 2.6 metres (8.53 feet)
Interior Width 2.7 metres (8.86 feet)
Interior Depth 6.3 metres (20.67 feet)
Maximum Capacity 7000 kg/7 tonnes

The freight lifts have access from Level P1 to Level 4 of the Centre and must be operated by the Centre’s staff or its representatives only.

When using the freight service lifts, the maximum loading capacities must always be observed. Precaution must be taken to ensure that no damage is inflicted upon the lift doors, walls and control panel whilst in the process of delivering goods. Should there be any movement of heavy equipment, the interior of the lifts must be protected with additional material for additional protection.



(See Plant and Equipment)

Forklift operators must be licensed to operate a forklift. Forklifts must be operated at all times in a safe manner and in accordance with current industry standards, be in a serviceable condition and fitted with audible and visual warning light systems.

Forklifts must be operated under the following conditions at all times:

  • All forklift drivers must have the appropriate forklift license.
  • Drivers are to operate forklifts at a walking pace at all times within the Exhibition Halls.
  • The speed limit for forklifts is 10 km per hour.
  • Forklifts cannot be left unattended with the key in the ignition at any time.
  • Drivers are not permitted to lift any person on the forklift tines or carry passengers, unless in an approved and fitted structure.
  • Forklifts are not allowed to lift loads which exceed their rated capacity.

Two forklifts are available for hire to Event Organisers. Forklifts are not permitted to be used on Level 3 and Level 4.


Foyer Display

All foyers of the Centre are the exclusive rights of the Centre for F&B purposes and may not be used for any display without the consent of the Centre. The Centre’s foyers must, at all times, have a minimum clear space of 4 metres (13.12 feet) width for evacuation purposes.

Should any consent be obtained for displays at the foyer, the displays may not be of commercial value, may not be set more than 1.5 metres (4.92 feet) from the glass or wooden walls and may not be a permanent structure. A minimum of 4 metres (13.12 feet) clear space is required from the glass window to the wall as the foyer is used as an evacuation route

The Centre must be notified of all foyer displays such as backdrop, photo wall, entrance arch, decoration, foyer activities, etc. fourteen (14) working before the event as Management approval is required


Hanging Objects

(See Stand or Booth Design Regulations)



(See Copyright, Permits and Licenses)


Lighting, Sound and Visual Systems

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre offers an extensive range of audio, lighting, visual projection, rigging equipment and services together with in-house technical support. For specific details and costs relating to the provision of installation and operating labour, please contact our AV Sales Manager.

Event Organisers can use an independent supplier for an event’s audio-visual requirements. For further information on the Centre’s policy relating to the supply of audio-visual equipment, please refer to Preferred Suppliers Programme.


Loss of Property

The Security Department deals with all reported incidents of theft as well as items that are lost or found. Any inquiries regarding lost and found items should be directed to the Centre’s Security Services which is located at the Concourse Level or Tel: + 603 2333 2888 Ext 2327.

All lost and found articles are catalogued and stored for sixty (60) days. After such period, all articles will be disposed of in a manner as the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, in its sole discretion, may decide and no person will have any further claim to those articles. The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre will not be responsible for any items not collected during the stipulated period.



Should the Organiser wish to sell merchandising materials at the event, they must declare the products to the Centre by attaching a copy of the necessary license(s) (refer to Copyright, Permits and Licenses) with their proposal.


Motorised Vehicles

Event Organisers and/or Exhibitors must provide information on the width, height and weight of vehicles using the lifts and door access to the Centre on Level 3.

A traffic management plan must be devised for forklift and vehicle movements within the workplace to ensure the safe movement of pedestrians during the move-in and move-out periods. If vehicle movement is required during an event, this should be addressed in the risk management plan. Details of moving displays must be communicated to the Centre.

Any vehicle moving through the Centre’s Level 3, Grand Ballroom, Banquet Hall, Conference Halls, foyers or concourse areas, must be escorted by a Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Safety Officer. Vehicles may only move at a slow, walking pace. The Centre’s carpet and back lanes must be protected with plywood for the route of the vehicle. No vehicle may move directly on the Centre’s carpets and back lane flooring.

No motorised vehicle may be operated on carpet areas under any circumstances. Only approved mobile equipment is to be used on the carpeted areas, such as the Grand Ballroom, Banquet Hall and Conference Halls, after protection has been laid on the Centre’s carpet.

All vehicles which produce effluent and which must be operated for the purpose of an exhibit, must adhere to any operational recommendations of the Centre’s S.H.E. Department.

All vehicles being displayed in the Centre must conform to the requirements of the Centre’s guidelines as indicated below:


  • The cleaning of vehicles must take place at the loading area, before the vehicle is taken to the show area. The dock has a hose for this purpose. Exhibitors must supply all other cleaning materials.

  • Only after the vehicle has been cleaned and wiped down can it be driven to the premises where the Exhibitor must wipe down the tires to avoid staining/marking the fully-carpeted Halls.

  • When motorised vehicles are approved for use on a carpeted area, a protective sheet of tarpaulin or comparable material is to be used to prevent damage from leaking gas, oil, etc.


  • Fuel tanks containing fuel, or which have ever contained fuel, should be maintained at less than ¾ full.

  • All vehicles being displayed in the Centre must have drip pans underneath them and pads under all tires.

  • Fuel tanks are to be locked and sealed with the manufacturers’ approved fuel cap.

  • Running of displayed vehicles during an Exhibition is prohibited unless approved by the Centre’s S.H.E. Department.

  • Keys are not allowed to be left in the ignition while on display.

  • For all vehicles displayed inside the Centre, a spare set of keys must be left at Security Control in case of an emergency.

  • A car display, if approved at the foyer, must be set up against either the glass panel or wooden wall using a maximum of 1.5 metres (4.92 feet) space inclusive of the platform.


Potted Plants and Floral Arrangements

The Centre is the exclusive supplier of potted plants for rental and floral arrangements. External suppliers and potted plants are not allowed to be brought into the venue without prior approval from the Centre. Please refer to the Appendix C for a copy of the order form.

Delivery of congratulatory floral arrangements must be made through the service road and loading dock and not through the venue’s public entrance.


Sand, Soil and Similar Materials

All event displays or individual exhibits that use sand, topsoil, peat moss and similar material must ensure the floor is protected from stains with a leak-proof covering. The Event Organiser is responsible for ensuing all precautions are taken to prevent such materials from being stepped on and staining any part of the premises. Water must be controlled to prevent leakage or seepage.


Satellite Dish Placement

Should the event set-up require the installation of satellite dishes, application(s) must be made to the respective authorities and the Centre for the use and location of the satellite dishes twenty-one (21) days prior to the commencement of the event. Such facilities will incur a rental charge for usage.

The venue has two (2) platforms located at Level 5 for satellite dishes that are accessible by a vehicular goods lift.


Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. All public areas, inclusive of foyers, Registration Counters, Meeting Rooms, Organiser’s Office, restrooms, Hospitality Lounges and Exhibition Halls are designated as non-smoking zones.



(See Traffic Management)

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre does not provide storage facilities for Event Organisers or any of their sub-contractors. Any storage requirement for early deliveries, late dispatches and for the holding of packaging materials must be formally submitted to the Event Organiser for approval. Such storage requirement is subject to availability.



The sale of tobacco is strictly prohibited in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre without the express consent of the Centre.

Event Organisers/Exhibitors are responsible for obtaining such permits or licences from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) for the sale of tobacco at the event or stand/booth.

Copies of the licences, permits and approvals obtained must be submitted to the Centre fourteen (14) days prior to the commencement of the event.


Water and Drainage Service to Pits

Water supply and drainage is available in the Exhibition Halls of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The service pits in the Exhibition Halls are connected by a finger trench system. At specific locations, the finger trenches traverse under the Exhibition Halls loading dock wall to permit water supply to the Exhibition Halls from the loading dock.

It is the responsibility of the Exhibitors to arrange for the connection from the service pits to their equipment. Connection fees for water supply will apply. These must be pre-ordered, prior to the commencement of the event. The Centre must be informed of specific waste requirements, e.g. grease, and oil, etc. to ensure correct disposal methods are followed. Please contact your Event Organiser for the Login ID and Password to download the forms online here.



The use of any weapons in the Centre is strictly prohibited. Where firearms form the basis of an exhibition, a special permit is required for the display of firearms.

The Event Organiser or Exhibitor must produce a copy of the necessary documentation to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the commencement of the event.