3rd Party Safety, Health and Environment Requirements

*Definition of third party = Contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, visitors, etc

These requirements are established and must be considered by the third party and other representative to perform activities in this premise from early stage until end of the operation or service delivered. The consideration that taken place are not limited to the list below:

General Safety Rules

  • Third party shall be responsible for complying with all applicable safety, health and environmental laws, regulations, permits etc and is expected to employ effective control measures. Examples include waste management, chemical spillage and response, air emissions and dust control, etc.
  • Third party shall provide notification of introduction of materials or equipment creating physical, chemical and biological safety and health hazards at the Centre. These notifications may take form of presentation of Safety Data Sheet, job safety analysis or risk assessment. An emergency response plan should also be attached together should there be a need for it, depending on the assigned work.
  • Hazardous chemical intended to bring in the Centre must be declared to the Safety, Health & Environment Department for approval prior to commencement of work. A copy of Safety Data Sheet needs to be maintained readily available on site.
  • Third party shall access the work area for potential hazards and mitigate all potentially unsafe conditions, situations and activities prior start work.
  • Third party shall follow Centre’s safety, health and environment procedures during work (if any).
  • Third party must not access the premise or any other areas on behalf of Convex Malaysia Sdn Bhd without any permission or proper authorization.
  • Third party shall be responsible for the safety of its workers, as well as be responsible for any harm or damage resulting from any safety and health hazards or environmental contamination that Third party introduces onto the Centre.
  • Third party shall ensure that their workers and/or representative(s) have, use and understand the appropriate protective equipment that they should have during performing work in the Centre.
  • Only trained and competent person can do task using machine or specific equipment as legal required.
  • Third party shall provide and maintain adequate safety and health training for all their sub-workers assigned to perform work under the contract. Third party shall coordinate and control safety activities among their sub-workers.
  • Convex Malaysia Sdn Bhd reserves the right to suspend any work upon severe and imminent risk to the health and safety of persons, facilities, the environment, and community until the conditions of risk are eliminated. These suspensions do not exempt third party from obligations and penalties established in the contract, regarding deadlines and fines. Third party is the sole responsible for the burden of suspensions due to severe and imminent risk.
  • Smoking, sleeping, external food and beverages are not allowed anywhere in the Centre’s premise at all times.
  • Third party must provide adequate and appropriate level of supervision especially to those whom are inexperience, unfamiliar and those whose first language is not Bahasa Malaysia or English.
  • Horseplay and practical jokes and pranks are not permitted while working in the Centre.

Permit To Work/Hot Work Permit

  • Applied to the third party to do work in the premise and inside Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre parameter.
  • Shall communicate with the respective department before applying the permit and get approval.
  • Shall undergo Safety Induction before commencement of the work.
  • Maximum period of work is 14 days and extension allow for another 14 days for each permit applied.
  • Upon completion of work, third party to return the permit to the Convex respective department as part of the evidence completion of work.
  • The permit must be available on site at all time during the working inside the premise.
  • The permit must be available for registration at the security counter before commencement of work.

Incident Management

  • All incidents occurred with the Centre’s premise must be reported and captured. Injury or illness resulting from work under the assigned contract shall be reported to the related department and/or Safety and Security Department within 24-hours of the incident.
  • Convex Malaysia Sdn Bhd will implement emergency response procedure whenever required in managing the incident and recovery to normal activity when possible.
  • All third party have to ensure to get familiarize with Convex Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s emergency response plan.
  • Any injury and property damage may follow the process of work below:

    injury & property damage

  • Evacuation might be required and the location of assembly area as below:
    (Near Masjid As-Syakirin)

    location assembly area