Daging Masak Hitam

800gm Beef cube
150ml Ghee oil

Item (A)
30gm Ginger (julienned)
5gm Cinnamon stick
5gm Star anise
5gm Cardamon
5gm Clove
5gm Fenugreek seeds
50gm Chinese parsley

(Mixed Herbs - 80gm)
Dry-fry and grind
5gm Cinnamon stick
5gm Cardamom
20gm Cumin seeds
20gm Fennel seeds
30gm Beef stock seasoning
10gm Coriander seeds
10gm Black pepper seeds
Item (B) (Blended)
300gm Shallot
50gm Garlic
60gm Ginger
60gm Dried chilies (soaked)
(Not blended)
20gm Lemongrass
5gm Curry leaves
5gm Pandan leave

Item (C)
40gm Curry powder
10gm Turmeric powder

Item (D)
200ml Sweet soya sauce
(kicap kipas udang manis)
50 ml Dark soya sauce
20gm Tamarind paste
30gm Palm sugar
20gm White sugar
10gm Salt

Cooking Steps
  1. Heat up ghee oil in a pot & put in all Items A except chinese parsley.
  2. Stir slowly until the onion turns golden brown & add in chinese parsley.
  3. Add in Items B (blended) & lemongrass and pandan, curry leaves. Cook about 10 to 15 minutes under slow flame.
  4. Add Items C, stir for 5 to 7 minutes.
  5. Add in beef and braise for 45 minutes under slow flame. Add water to keep gravy from turning dry
  6. Add soya sauce, dark soya and continue simmer until the meat is well-cooked.
  7. Season with palm sugar, salt, sugar, and tamarind paste.
  8. Ready to be served & garnish with 20 gm of freshly fried shallot