Gulai Kawah

800gm Beef (sliced)
300ml Beef broth
150ml Oil

Paste (Blended)
200gm Shallot
40gm Garlic
60gm Ginger
30gm Galangal
80gm Dried chilli (boiled & blended)

Gravy paste
60gm Curry powder
30gm Kerutup powder
12gm Dried tamarind
50gm Dried coconut paste
30gm Candlenuts (powder)
250ml Coconut milk

30gm Beef stock seasoning
20gm Palm sugar
10gm Sugar
20gm 20gm
10gm Cinnamon stick
5gm Cardamon
8gm Star anise
5gm Cumin seeds
5gm Black pepper seeds (crushed)
30gm Lemongrass
10gm Curry leaves

120gm Potatoes (cut 4)
80gm Kedondong muda
80gm Young banana
20gm Big green chilii
20gm Red Onion
10gm Chili padi

5gm Fried curry leaves
3gm Fried dried chili
5gm Fresh coriander leaves
(cut into 1cm in length)

Cooking Steps
  1. Sautee Paste with Herbs until fragrant.
  2. Add curry powder & kerutup powder) & 60ml of plain water and sautéed until oil breaks out.
  3. Add beef. beef broth, boil until soft under slow flame.
  4. Add dried coconut paste, dried tamarind, candlenuts powder and season with palm sugar, salt & beef stock powder.
  5. Lastly add all vegetables, coconut milk, curry leave, l lemongrass stick (smashed) onion wedges, chilies & simmer around 7 to 10 minutes.
  6. Ready to be served.