Are You a Venue of the Future?

With the year 2020 knocking on our doors, it’s only a reminder that another era has come to an end. The first quarter of the new millennium had begun and is about to end in a blink of an eye.

Words and ideas like E-commerce, Big data, Internet of Things, Smart Technologies, Fintech, Millennial, End-to-End services, Virtualization, Artificial Intelligence, Work/Life balance have become a reality to some. While some of us have just embarked on these colossal journeys just so we don’t end up disappearing or becoming insignificant.

Having said that, disruptive enlightenment differs from business to business as spiritual enlightenment from person to person. Business Events too had finally answered the call to transformation and have gotten on board the innovation train.

There has been rapid development in event technologies and experiences in the past few years to bridge the gap that threatened the entire supply chain of the business events industry. However, venues and hotels especially had been singled-out for being too rigid and unwavering to accommodate to unique and innovative event needs and experiences.

This had served as a wake-up call to most venues that they began to relax some of their rules and regulations. Subsequently, the phrase “Venue of the Future” is being thrown around a lot lately. What does it really mean to be a “Venue of the Future”? Do you think you are or at least in the track of transforming into the “Venue of the Future?

Author: Nalinie Rajah
Source: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Here we have a checklist that reflects on what will make you the Venue of the Future - 

Partnership vs Supplier

Relationships matter and the value that you bring to the table matters the most to your client. Move beyond what your business can offer.  A number of function spaces that can ‘teleport’ your guests into a different space and time? The most advanced IT and AV infrastructure? All that is wonderful but what is your value beyond the package? Take ownership towards your clients’ events and make them their own. Give your clients the Peace of Mind that the guests and delegates are well taken care of. If you can put the organisers in touch with an organization that can help them build a local legacy, do it. If you happened to know of someone who can customize a local city experience for the delegates, introduce the two parties. Stop being the supplier and start being the partner. Give your client an adventure that they cannot get elsewhere.


When you take ownership, you put your heart and soul into delivering a distinctive experience and journey to your clients and delegates. From the beginning of the proposal stage through the setup of the event, customization needs to be at the heart of how you communicate, negotiate, design and create a meeting. Whether it’s investing on a more diverse and innovative infrastructure or showcasing multiple event-specific solutions for the organisers to meet their event objectives, the personal touch will speak volumes of the value you bring to the table as an event partner. Make your clients and delegates believe no two event experiences will ever the same at your venue.

Face-To-Face Time

The increasing screen time has deprived us of the most magical part of interacting with another human. The exhilaration of physical human contact and presence that you feel when you are meeting someone new or discussing a budding idea is unmatched. Events bring different kinds of people together into the same space, under the same roof. While live streams and teleconferencing are a great way to address distance issues and maximised audience reach, nothing is more rewarding than people looking at each other’s faces, their expressions, shaking hands and sharing a coffee over a business matching meet. Venues of the future must provide space that can encourage spontaneous interaction – wide expansive foyers, common sitting areas and lounges, F&B outlets, etc allow your guests and delegates to have face-to-face time with each other outside of their event programme.


Sustainability has to become a major unique selling point of your venue. Develop a sustainability policy for your business and for events throughout their journey at your venue. Think about how can events at your venue leave a long-lasting legacy for the community and environment that surround you. Establish partnerships that can benefit from big events that have tremendous amounts of excessive food, manage paper provision for small and large meetings, place recycling and composting bins at multiple locations at your venue, eradicate single-use plastics altogether and capitalise on sustainable alternatives, invest in energy efficient stage-lighting and OLED screens and you can do much more than these to reduce the carbon footprint of the events that are housed at your venue. A sustainable event is as much your responsibility as it is the organiser’s.

From the early 1990s to reaching the Y2K, 2020 has been the metaphor for the future. And, now this magical year has arrived but are we equipped and ready to take it on with welcoming arms? Venues of the Future are facilities that are time-proof and remain relevant in years to come. These venues are smart enough to understand that no one solution or strategy can reduce the gap or solve the problem once and for all. Venues for the Future believe in the need and importance of agility in remaining resilient in an evolving economy and the changing times.

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