More Enriching TenOnCall Experiences
Extending meeting experiences beyond the normal 9.00am to 6.00pm grind, clients can now enjoy an all-inclusive enhanced experience with TenOnCall’s new ‘Dinner Packages’. Available for a minimum of 50 persons per room from 5.00pm to 10.00pm, clients have a choice of a meeting over dinner or a late afternoon meeting with one coffee break and dinner. Both are inclusive of TenOnCall’s signature free-flow lifestyle cuisine and beverages including fine leaf teas, espresso coffees, fruit juices, smoothies and soft drinks, throughout the meeting duration.
And for clients in a rush or who might prefer a straightforward half-day or full-day meeting, the ‘Coffee, Tea, Cookies Packages’ is ideal as each (package) offers free-flow coffee, tea and cookies, and the option of lunch for meetings with a minimum of 25 persons.
The ‘Dinner’ and ‘Coffee, Tea, Cookies’ Packages come with TenOnCall’s trademark pre-set meeting room, complimentary WiFi access, audio-visual (AV) equipment with an AV technician on standby, and built-in LCD signage at the entrance foyer.
Valid until 31 December 2016, please contact the Sales Team at +603 2333 2666 or [email protected], or click here for more information on TenOnCall’s Packages.