Tenoncall ‘Express, Dine Out & Lunch’ Experiences

The Centre has renamed two TenOnCall offerings launched earlier this year. 
The first is the TenOnCall ‘Dine Out’ packages, which extends meeting experiences beyond normal business hours. Available for meetings with a minimum of 50 persons per room, this provides clients with a choice of adding dinner to their existing meeting programme, or one afternoon coffee break and dinner. This is perfect for late afternoon/early evening meetings and ideal for clients who want to create a casual networking or social experience after a productive meeting.

For clients in a rush or who might prefer a straightforward half-day or full-day meeting, the TenOnCall ‘Express’ is the ideal package as it offers free-flow coffee, tea and cookies, and the option of lunch for meetings with a minimum of 25 persons.

In addition, the Centre recently launched the TenOnCall ‘Lunch’ package for clients looking to take advantage of a working lunch. This offering includes TenOnCall’s signature free-flow lifestyle cuisine and beverages including fine leaf teas, espresso coffees, fruit juices, smoothies and soft drinks, enjoyed in an open central atrium.

All three TenOnCall packages are valid until 31 December 2016. Please contact the Sales Team at +603 2333 2666 or [email protected], or click here for more information.
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