Certified Training Provider

Centre Attains Certified Training Provider Status
With the receipt of ‘Certified Training Provider’ accreditation from the Malaysia Ministry of Human Resources’ Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF), the Centre is now sanctioned to provide training to external participants. “This fits perfectly with our vision of being a knowledge centre and training provider for local industry players and stakeholders, to help raise the level of service delivery and grow Malaysia’s business events footprint globally,” says a very pleased Rohizat Baharum, the Centre’s Director of Human Resources.
Cognisant of her role as an industry leader, the Centre has, since day one, committed to building a passionate, experienced and flexible team to ensure the delivery of quality products and services. And instilled with an international mind-set to complement local knowledge, team members participate in specific programmes/skills training that focus on soft and specialised skills for optimal employee performance.
“We are looking forward to sharing our training experience and knowhow; garnered from a decade of operations, with partners and stakeholders to help boost Malaysia’s competitiveness against regional and international competition.”

According to Rohizat, the certification process took about three months to complete and involved an online submission and an on-site audit by HRDF officers. The facility was also required to have a minimum one HRDF certified trainer on board and this, the Centre passed with flying colours with four certified trainers  i.e., Rohizat (Certified Management Skills, HR); Suya Sumithra Thangaiah, Training Manager (Certified Hospitality Trainer & Management Skills, HR); Girbakran a/l Balachandran, HR Supervisor - Training (Food Safety, Food Handlers Certification and Soft Skills Training) and Azman Ali, Assistant Catering Manager (Banqueting Skills and F&B).
The HDRF is tasked with the development of quality human capital and a world-class workforce as a means towards achieving Malaysia’s aspiration of developed status by 2020.
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