Earth Hour

Going Dark for Earth Hour!
Participating in the global campaign for the sixth year, over 420 team members and their families attended the Centre’s Earth Hour gathering this year, which saw the venue “turning off” her non-essential lights and joining millions of people and organisations worldwide in “going dark” on 19 March from 8:30pm to 9:30pm, in support of World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour.

During the event, the Centre not only turned off all non-essential lights but hosted a screening of ‘The Good Dinosaur’ and held a variety of hands-on activities to further educate team members and their families on nature, the environment and the Earth Hour initiative. Pre-event, the Centre also created an Earth Hour ‘green quiz’ which was circulated among team members with the top 30 participants each winning a prize.
As a part of the AEG Ogden group, the Centre was thrilled to join more than 50 AEG-affiliated venues in 27 cities, eight countries and four continents across the globe to celebrate their commitment to the environment under the AEG Ogden 1EARTH programme.

For more information on Earth Hour and how to support the initiative, click here.