Zoo Negara Visit

A day at the ZOO!
With the guidance of Zoo Negara (National Zoo) gardeners and animal handlers, 53 team members from the Centre undertook tree planting and animal care activities in conjunction with World Earth Day 2016. Organised as part of the Centre’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Programme, team members were also treated to a personal tour by Zoo personnel, who shared interesting fun facts about the animals with everyone!
The tree planting brigade added 300 plants to the Zoo’s grounds, including 50 Costus woodsonii (Red Button Ginger); 20 Syzygium campanulatum (Kelat Paya); 70 Calathea insignis (Rattlesnake Plant); 70 Calathea zebrina (Zebra Plant); 30 Bauhinia kockiana (Kock's Bauhinia); 30 Tristellateia Australasiae (Maiden's Jealousy) and 30 Orchids. Another group, the animal care team, spent the day with seven different species, including the tigers, lions, deer, wallabies, rhinoceros, giraffes and hippopotamus. This group helped clean the enclosures, prepare the food and feed the animals.
Themed ‘Trees For The Earth’, World Earth Day 2016 was celebrated on 22 April to mobilise the environmental movement worldwide as the most effective vehicle to build a healthy and sustainable environment, address climate change and protect the Earth for future generations.
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