An Eye-Opening Experience for IAPCO Council Members!

The Centre was delighted to welcome the International Association of Professional Congress Organisers’ (IAPCO) Council Meeting recently, the first time this influential meeting of leading international Professional Congress Organisers has been held in Malaysia.
The Centre’s General Manager, Alan Pryor, shared, “In an effort to create a deep and lasting impression with IAPCO’s maiden Council Meeting in the country, we devised a unique itinerary for the Council Members with the aim of delivering a distinctive yet comprehensive experience of Malaysia’s hospitality, diverse cultural background, and varied culinary flavours.”
The itinerary included an experiential site visit featuring the Centre’s world-class facilities, interactive immersion where the Council Members made a local culinary favorite, Kuih Pai Tee – a traditional Nyonya dish of spicy and sweet sliced vegetables and prawns served in a thin pastry shell – as well as trying their hands at some of Malaysia’s traditional arts and crafts such as batik painting and Chinese calligraphy. 
The Centre also organised special live performances of Tabla (South Asian membranophone percussion instrument) and Veena (Indian traditional instruments), and a Kolam (a form of drawing that uses coloured rice flour) demonstration. Last, but not least, a Malay-themed Gala Dinner on the final evening, serving some of Malaysia’s sumptuous multicultural culinary delights, provided the perfect ending to the Council Meeting.
“We hope the visit will inspire them to consider hosting future international association meetings in Kuala Lumpur and here at the Centre,” Pryor continued.
In addition, the hosting of the Council Meeting saw RM3,000 being raised at the Centre’s Batik Painting Auction during the Gala Dinner. The money raised was donated to the Centre’s tree planting initiative, a collaboration with the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) under their Conservation Culture Programme. The partnership with FRIM provides the perfect mechanism for environmentally-conscious delegates and visitors attending events at the Centre to contribute to the programme and offset their own emissions. To-date, the venue has sponsored the planting of over 320 trees.
Pryor concluded, “We are a socially, economically and environmentally responsible organisation that aims to give back to Malaysia and the community within which we are based. We also encourage our clients to get involved and leave their own lasting legacy from their time spent in the country. We applaud IAPCO’s efforts and are delighted the association is contributing to our tree planting initiative.”