Enhancing Partnership Approach to Maximise Budgets!

With a tough global economic environment putting pressure on event budgets, the Centre is taking its client-centric focus to the next level by enhancing its partnership approach.
What this means is the Centre’s team is using all the experience garnered over 10 years of operation to work even more closely with clients to help them manage and maximise their budgets more effectively. An example of this is helping clients to tailor their programmes to maximise room and space usage as, for some events, quick room turnarounds can reduce the event space required and bring costs down.
“We are also looking at how to better integrate our state-of-the-art in-house information technology (IT) and audio-visual (AV) infrastructure into our offerings,” says General Manager, Alan Pryor. Citing a recent RM3.1 million investment to upgrade AV capabilities in the venue's 21 meeting rooms, Pryor explains this will enable clients to seamlessly incorporate technology, such as web conferencing, into their events providing clients with a better experience and added value.
Last but not least, the Centre is exploring how to use non-traditional spaces to provide differentiated experiences for delegates and visitors, to continue meeting the evolving needs of a diverse range of clients. “Having always prided ourselves on our flexible and innovative mind-set, we remain committed to 'pushing the envelope' with enhanced, creative and customised offerings that successfully deliver a truly unique experience for anyone attending events at our facility. This means our client focus will always remain a priority for us, regardless of the economic climate,” concludes Pryor.
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