The Culinary Evolution!

Food is often the centrepiece of an event. Therefore, creating a memorable culinary experience has to go beyond just tastes and flavours and satisfying the five senses, to make an impactful impression. For this reason, in addition to the dishes served, there is now greater emphasis on finding innovative ways, such as with flexible set-ups and unique crockery, to develop ‘eye catching’ creations to link décor, ambience and the menu.
It is also important to stay up-to-date with trends that are en vogue, and when the occasion warrants it, to find ways to apply them to one’s banqueting events. According to the Centre’s Executive Chef, Richmond Lim, this ‘evolution’ can be attributed to cooking shows on television and increased exposure to fine-dining. 
“For example, some organisers want us to replicate dishes they personally liked at fine-dining restaurants for their banqueting event. However, it is not that simple as fine-dining restaurants usually cater for between 60 and 80 guests whereas a banqueting event at the Centre can go up to 3,000 people for a sit-down dinner or 5,000 for a standing buffet. 

“To be able to take fine-dining and trends to a banqueting level, we need to have a very deep understanding of the product characteristics. This then allows us to simplify the cooking process whilst retaining the flavours, textures and tastes. In short, we have to follow a very precise cooking methodology – one which emphasises the importance of ‘Speed – Time – Temperature’, and combine this with our experience, state-of-the-art kitchen, food science expertise and quality ingredients to ensure the consistent delivery of a top-notch product; regardless of whether we are serving 10 or 1,000 people,” says Richmond.
Albeit not every fine-dining concept and trend can be applied to large-scale catering, with today’s improved kitchen technologies, better ingredients and more experienced chefs, it is increasingly possible to create innovative banqueting products that meet a diverse range of tastes, preferences and requests. 
“And here at the Centre, we are able to consistently deliver excellent fine-dining cuisine and translate innovative food concepts and trends to a large audience, thanks to an award-winning culinary brigade of 51 well-trained and talented chefs and a well-equipped and technologically-advanced kitchen,” concludes chef Richmond.