Five Golden Rules to Create Personalised Events!

How do you personalise your event experiences to take it to the next level? We’ve compiled five suggestions to help:

Use data to make an impact
By integrating data from platforms, such as event management and customer relationship management (CRM) tools, planners can be empowered with enough delegate data to deliver personalised experiences. Personalisation can come in the form of dedicated registration, targeted content feeds and exhibitor-delegate matches.
Use technology well and wisely
Pre-event, think through what you want to gain from technology and give yourself enough time to plan, test, fix, test, fix again, install and test. For example, don’t pay for an event app or invest in a lobby LED wall without utilising it in your agenda, on your social media/digital platforms and infographics.
Take a step back
While personalisation is important, at the core it is vital to ask “How does this add to the event journey?” Organisers should be mindful of not getting caught up in the buzz of ‘personalising’ an experience for aesthetic purposes, but rather to tailor an event journey that will be meaningful and add value.
Make it mobile
Making mobile devices the key event navigation and communication tool can enhance personalised event experiences. For example, you can use facial recognition tech and iBeacons to gauge the position of each visitor in the venue in real-time, and based on their location and on-site interaction history, you can provide personalised content and services. In addition, use web content management systems and apps to help connect with attendees at all stages of the event: pre, during and post.
Make content relevant
Develop a deep understanding of what delegates want to get out of an event and create your content programme accordingly. If their requirements vary, breakout sessions and topical content streams are a great way to ensure every attendee feels their needs are met. Always aim to follow up via tailored post-event communications that recognise the different sessions they attended and which suggest other relevant events based on their selections.

*Information reproduced from CEI Asia article ‘5 golden rules for creating personalised event experiences’

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