Top 5 Things Exhibition Organisers Should Look For When Selecting a World-Class Venue

Choosing the right venue is a decision that can play an important role in the success of an exhibition. Here are five key factors to keep in mind when organising an exhibition:
  • Cost
    Obtain all-inclusive rates that not only include all services needed pre-, during and post-event, but also food and beverage, entertainment, audio-visual equipment and other amenities needed on the ground for exhibitors, visitors and organisers. Also, beware of hidden charges or extras, as these can add up very quickly and push an event over budget.

  • Location
    Choosing the right location for an upcoming exhibition is one way to make sure attendees get the most from the event. Ideally, the venue you choose should be conveniently located with popular attractions nearby to ensure greater footfall during an event. This is particularly crucial for consumer oriented events as the location often effects the average footfall traffic an exhibition attracts.

  • Exhibition Space
    Based on the estimated average number of attendees, consider the amount of space needed for the exhibition. Think in terms of number of vendors or other organisations that may be asked to exhibit, and focus on a venue that offers a large enough area. Often, exhibitors feel crammed in and under-valued (after they have spent thousands of dollars on booth space!). This leaves a bad taste in their mouth. Proper floor planning has to be about more than just maximising space, it has to help enhance the experience as well.

  • Parking and Proximity to Transportation Options
    On-site or nearby parking options are important (and cost of parking for attendees can be a deciding factor as well). In addition, proximity to airports and public transit is also important. Accessibility is key in helping organisers attract large numbers to their exhibition. The aim is to make it as convenient and easy as possible for delegates and visitors to attend.

  • Customer Service
    Venue management plays an important role because an experienced operator with a highly professional team that works closely with organisers to ensure the delivery of quality customer service and the smooth running of their events. Not only does the venue need to be responsive to organisers needs prior to the event, but it must also have adequate support staff on-site during the exhibition to respond to the needs and requests of organisers and attendees.