Kuala Lumpur’s Very Own Culture-Connoisseur Launched!

Culture-Connoisseur is an all-in-one online platform providing a guide to meaningful cultural experiences in Greater Kuala Lumpur and its vicinity. The portal has collated a selection of curated delights meant to captivate, inform and refresh the mind, body and soul.

Culture-Connoisseur also highlights international programmes that include important Malaysian cultural components for the intrepid cultural traveller and identify meaningful excursions beyond Kuala Lumpur, worth a day or weekend trip.

Kuala Lumpur's Very Own Culture-Connoisseur Launched!
Content is sourced through recommendations from independent advisors, reviewed and then listed as appropriate. There are regular updates for Art, Homemade, Experience, Performance, Structure, Nature, Stay and IN MOTION, which features short art videos on Kuala Lumpur.

Delegates and visitors can check out their Kuala Lumpur recommendations here or contact them here for Gallery Weekend Kuala Lumpur bespoke tours.