Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
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About The Centre

Welcome to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Asia's first AIPC Gold Standard Venue, in the heart of Malaysia's capital. With over 28.6 million visitors, we are a trusted hub for world-class events and hospitality.

KLCC Convention Centre Team
Our Team
Meet the leaders shaping our success.
KLCC Convention Centre Venue Partners
Venue Partners
The Centre has extensive partnerships and collaborations with companies, government bodies and academia, driving success for both the Centre and the broader industry.
KLCC Convention Centre Policies


Learn about our policies on Entry Conditions, Social Media Behaviour, Privacy, Anti-Bribery and more.

Milestones from 2005-Present

KLCC Convention Centre hosting global events



KLCC Convention Centre with more than 27 million delegates

28.8 Million

Visitors & Delegates

KLCC Convention Centre economic impact to the event industry

RM11.4 Billion

in Economic Impact

KLCC Convention Centre Award Winning Venue for Global Events



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