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06 February 2024

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Offers a True Taste of Malaysia with its Revamped ‘Tradisi Semarak Rasa’ Ramadan Offering

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 February 2024 - The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s (the Centre) is once again offering guests a wide range of well-loved Malaysian culinary classics this fasting season. While the Centre has maintained its overall ‘Tradisi Semarak Rasa’ theme, it has also revamped its Ramadan menus in line with its focus on sustainability and health.

The Centre’s team of award-winning chefs have reworked recipes and menus to incorporate more fresh, locally sourced ingredients, whilst simultaneously giving diners more healthy, nutritious options. This means that guests can buka puasa, whilst enjoying quintessentially Malaysian Ramadan delights, reassured with the knowledge that they are also supporting local food producers and their own wellbeing.

This Centre’s 2024 buka puasa draws inspiration from Malaysia rich history and cultures, with a fusion of both modern and traditional Ramadan favourites including, ayam masak rendang Minang, gulai daging tetel bersama rebung madu, udang goreng mentega, kerabu ayam panggang, ubi kayu sira, daging masak phad prik cili burung, ayam masak kerutub, ayam olek-olek bumbu cekur, orh luak, ‘Bubu Ikan’ – ikan bakar bersama sos pilihan dan makanan ringan, and many more.

Elaborating on the revamped menus, the Centre’s Executive Chef, Hisham Bin Jaafar, shared, “Our creative culinary team, that hails from all corners of the country, are well versed in creating the signature kampung-inspired dishes that Malaysians crave for buka puasa. What we have done differently this year is make an additional effort and investment to update our recipes with a focus on sourcing fresh local produce, whilst maintaining the traditional tastes and flavours we all know and love. We have also been inspired by our ongoing work to develop healthier, productivity boosting menus for regular events. This has led us to add new healthy options to our Ramadan menu, perfect for diners who want to enjoy the buka puasa season without overindulging.”

The Centre offers Ramadan guests a designated prayer room, prayer mats, sandals, on-site ablution facility and an Imam to lead Muslims in their Maghrib, Isya’ and Tarawih prayers, allowing guests to comfortably perform their religious duties before and after breaking fast.

Chef Hisham added, “Our Muslim guests can enjoy with a full peace of mind during their Buka Puasa meal knowing that all the Centre’s kitchens are certified halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).”

Chef Hisham also added, “In line with our commitment to sustainability, our Ramadan menus comprise 70% of locally sourced products and ingredients. This helps local suppliers and reduces the environmental impact of food transportation. However, we have also been doing a lot more to reduce food wastage with the recent introduction of Winnow - a computerised system to analyse event leftovers, which is allowing us to fine tune our offerings and reduce the amount of food going to waste.”

Diners can be assured of a wonderful 5-star meal and the Centre’s renowned service excellence at the public buka puasa, which is affordably priced at RM198 nett per person and available for bookings between 18 March and 5 April 2024. The Centre offers a number of other discounts for children and senior citizens – as well as discounts for both ‘early bird’ and group bookings.

In addition to its public buka puasa the Centre is also offering corporate organisations two customisable ‘Tradisi Semarak Rasa’ menus, which can be personalised with the optional addition to their events of various ‘Chef Action Stations’ such as Mee Goreng Mamak, Ayam Tandoori, Laksa Johor, and others.

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