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23 - 25 May 2024

International Café and Beverages Show (ICBS)

International Café and Beverages Show (ICBS)
A Brewing Success: ICBS 2024 and the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Alun Jones
Alun Jones

Project Director

The Montgomery Group Asia

What Our Client Say

At Montgomery Asia, we're thrilled with the record-breaking success of ICBS 2024. This wouldn't have been possible without the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre as our partner.

Their unwavering commitment and "can-do" attitude were evident throughout the entire process. From the very beginning, the KLCC team was always there to support us. Their expertise and willingness to collaborate ensured any challenges we faced were swiftly resolved. This problem-solving approach proved invaluable in creating a seamless experience for both exhibitors and visitors.

The KLCC's strategic location was another major factor in our success. Easy access to transportation coupled with surrounding hotels, made it convenient for everyone involved. Furthermore, the KLCC's reputation as a lifestyle venue perfectly complemented ICBS's focus on bringing the trade and consumer audience together.

We at Montgomery Asia are confident in our continued partnership with the KLCC. Their commitment to excellence makes them the ideal partner for any event aiming to bring both industry professionals and consumers together.

International Café and Beverages Show (ICBS)

International Café and Beverages Show

The International Café and Beverages Show (ICBS), organised by Montgomery Asia and held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), is fast becoming the region's premier showcase for café and beverage products. The 2024 edition marked a banner year, exceeding expectations with a 60% increase in floor space, 44% year-on-year visitor growth, and over 15,000 attendees. This case study delves deeper into the success factors behind ICBS, exploring how targeted audience focus, buyer engagement strategies, successful partnership with a venue, and alignment with local trends have propelled the event to become a cornerstone for Malaysia's burgeoning café and beverage industry.

Beyond Strategic Planning: Laser Focus on the Niche

ICBS presents a compelling case study in achieving success within a crowded food and beverage trade show landscape. By strategically targeting a specific market segment (cafe owners, baristas, and independent coffee shops) and prioritising buyer engagement, ICBS has established itself as a cornerstone event for Malaysia's cafe and barista scene. This laser focus ensured the event catered directly to the needs and interests of this specialised market.

The Core Value: Connecting Businesses

The core value proposition of ICBS lies in its commitment to fostering connections. The event serves as a platform for exhibitors to connect with potential buyers within the coffee and beverage industry. By prioritising these connections, ICBS empowers businesses to forge valuable partnerships and drive industry growth.

International Café and Beverages Show (ICBS)
International Café and Beverages Show (ICBS)

KLCC: A Partner in Success

This remarkable success story goes beyond the strategic planning of the Montgomery Asia team. It is also a testament to the Centre's commitment to providing exceptional support and fostering a collaborative environment. The choice of venue extends beyond mere location. The organiser meticulously selects venues based on specific criteria, including familiarity with the layout, staff expertise, strategic location, and the ability to seamlessly accommodate both trade visitors and the public. All these factors contribute to the overall success of the event.

The successes of ICBS underscores the power of collaboration. The KLCC's dedication to exceptional service and fostering a supportive environment played a role in exceeding expectations. As Montgomery Asia sets its sights on regional expansion, the KLCC stands ready to provide the platform and expertise for continued growth. This winning partnership positions both entities as leaders in supporting the region's thriving cafe and beverage industry.

Overcoming Challenges, Embracing Opportunities

As ICBS gained traction, securing prime dates and larger space at the venue emerged as a challenge. The KLCC's team collaborated with the organiser to provide unwavering support and commitment, ensuring the organiser could realise its expansion goals.

Championing Local Supply Chain and Food Security

Recognising the growing importance of food security and the local sourced food movement, and aligning with government initiatives, ICBS initiated a new component: "MY Food” that will be debuted in the 2025 ICBS edition. This initiative will advocate for the use of local ingredients and suppliers, resonating with the Slow Food philosophy and positioning ICBS as a leader in promoting sustainable practices within the industry.

Montgomery Asia has plans to incorporate educational components in the 2025 edition that will strongly advocate for supporting the homegrown food supply chain and drive food security into the event's focus.

International Café and Beverages Show (ICBS)

Montgomery Asia and the Centre will collaborate on these educational components to introduce the Slow Food movement and its benefits to cafes and restaurants, further solidifying the event's position as a leader in industry education.

International Café and Beverages Show (ICBS)

Brewing Regional Growth

Fueled by their remarkable success, Montgomery Asia is setting its sights on attracting a wider range of international exhibitors. This expansion will leverage their proven formula of niche focus and curated events, but with a global reach. By welcoming more international participants, particularly from Europe and Asia Pacific who have shown growing interest, ICBS will further solidify its position as a premier platform for targeted industry interaction within the cafe and beverage scene.


ICBS exemplifies the power of targeted marketing and strategic event management. By prioritising a specific industry, fostering buyer connections, and aligning with local trends, CBS has secured its place as a vital event within Malaysia's thriving coffee and beverage industry. The collaboration between Montgomery Asia and the KLCC further emphasizes the importance of a supportive venue in achieving event success.

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