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17 - 19 July 2023

Malaysia International Food and Beverage Trade Show

Malaysia International Food and Beverage Trade Show


Driving Sustainable Event with Event Organiser

Collaborative Initiative aligned with 6 of the UNSDGs Targets

Over 100 kg of foodwaste was collected from the event

The food waste was recycled into compost that was donated to urban farming community in need

“The Centre’s commitment and passion towards sustainability are well-aligned with our objectives and goals for Malaysia International Food and Beverage Tradeshow this year and future editions. It was a delight working with a venue that has sustainability solutions as part of its offerings to event organisers. As a result, we were able to process over 100kg of food waste into organic compost. The team’s expertise, guidance, and reliability put us at ease throughout the whole process. We are very much looking forward to returning to the Centre for our 2024 show.”

Hellen Woon

Event Director, Constellar Exhibitions Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Event Organiser of Malaysia International Food and Beverage Tradeshow

Malaysia International Food and Beverage Trade Show


An event organiser, Constellar Exhibitions Malaysia Sdn Bhd, approached the Centre with a vision to host a sustainable event for their 2023 edition of the Malaysia International Food and Beverage Tradeshow. They sought innovative solutions to recycle event food waste and align their efforts with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).


The Centre, committed to sustainability, collaborated with the event organiser to make a positive impact by offering its AI technology food waste management to the event organiser, and support from its Sustainability Taskforce and communication team.


AI Technology Food Waste Management System

We provided the event organiser with access to this system which allowed precise tracking and analysis of food waste disposed by the exhibitors throughout
the event.

Food Waste Composter

To complement the above system, the Centre made available its food waste composting system. This enabled the food waste disposed at specifically located bins at the event to be converted into compost, reducing landfill waste.

Alignment with UNSDGs

Together with Urbanice Malaysia (Centre of Excellence localisation of UNSDGs), the Centre ensured that the event organiser’s sustainable initiative of food waste collection and composting was aligned with 6 of the UNSDGs targets.

Public Relation Messaging Angle

The Centre supported the event organiser by contributing to crafting a compelling messaging angle that highlighted the latter’s sustainability commitment and its alignment with the UNSDGs.


The collaborative effort between the Centre and the event organiser yielded remarkable results. Through the food waste management system and food waste composter, over 100 kg of food waste was reduced, minimising environmental impact. The nutrient-rich compost was donated to urban farming community in need. The Centre and event organizer received positive recognition for the sustainable efforts.


This case study exemplifies the power of collaboration, technology, and strategic messaging in creating a sustainable event. By leveraging The Centre's AI technology and food waste management solutions, the event organizer not only reduced waste but also aligned with global sustainability goals. This successful partnership showcases the potential for innovation and sustainability in the event industry, setting a precedent for future eco-friendly events.

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