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Halal, Food Safety and Quality Policy

CONVEX MALAYSIA SDN BHD acting as the managing agent of the KUALA LUMPUR CONVENTION CENTRE provides meetings, incentives, conventions and event management services to both Malaysian and international customers.

CONVEX is committed to providing world-class services to our customers by setting quality objectives and targets that fit within our strategic objectives and business plans. We aim to continually improve our service performance targets in all areas of our operation including food delivery with respect to quality, halal and food safety. Our performance is regularly monitored and measured and the results, are used by management to deliver improved customer service.

Consistent with our approach to achieving sustainable outcomes, we are committed to complying with and exceeding, where practicable, relevant Malaysian halal and food safety legislation and other related requirements as set by the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur by ensuring that all food handlers are trained accordingly and are competent to meet the daily challenges in ensuring safe food is concocted with world-class services to meet and exceed our customers' dining experiences wherever and whenever possible.

Our suppliers and contractors are an important part of our service delivery process. We recognise their importance and work with them to ensure that their performance, especially in the area of food safety and quality, meets our standards.

CONVEX is committed to complying with the requirements of our halal assurance, food safety and quality management system and to working with our customers, suppliers, contractors and employees to continually improve its effectiveness.

CONVEX is committed to meeting the halal regulatory requirements by ensuring that the ingredients that we use are certified by the authorized halal certification bodies and other related regulatory bodies and that our processing aids, equipment and utensils are clean and free of non-halal ingredients. A Halal committee, comprising representatives from various departments, has been established with responsibility for all matters pertaining to halal regularities.

CONVEX will work to ensure our policy is communicated, maintained and distributed to our customers, suppliers, contractors and employees and is subject to periodic review to ensure its continued suitability.

JOHN BURKE, General Manager
Date: 27 March 2023
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