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Venue Entry Conditions

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (‘Venue’) and Convex Malaysia Sdn Bhd (‘Management’) are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable environment for everyone visiting our venue.

General Conditions of Entry apply to all visitors, delegates, patrons and guests and the Venue has the right to refuse entry or remove any persons who do not comply with entry requirements.

  1. The right of admission to the Venue is reserved. Specifically, we reserve the right to refuse entry to, or to remove from the Venue, any persons who are intoxicated, behave in a disorderly manner or whose conduct is unlawful or offensive, or who is not entitled to attend an event. Any person who causes a disturbance or who refuses to comply with reasonable requests from the Management may be removed from the venue.
  2. Individuals are requested to assess their own risk prior to entry.
  3. Smoking and e-cigarettes are not permitted. Persons who do not comply will be advised to leave the Venue.
  4. Unauthorised persons are prohibited from entering any area not accessible to the public.
  5. No persons must wear or display commercial, political, religious, or offensive signage or logos, sell any goods or services, or give away political, religious, advertising, or promotional materials without the prior written approval of the Management.
  6. Persons who are, in the Management’s view, is inappropriately attired or whose attire may cause a hazard or compromise safety, may also be refused entry into the Venue.
  7. Individuals are responsible for their own personal items and must not leave bags or possessions unattended at any time.
  8. Bags and other items may be subject to inspection and persons may be searched.
  9. Any person who refuses inspections or searches may be denied entry to the Venue.
  10. Alcoholic beverages must not be taken into or out of the Venue. It is also an offence for minors to purchase or consume alcohol or for persons to supply alcohol to minors.
  11. Deliveries from external caterers will not be permitted in the Venue.
  12. No person is allowed consume outside food or beverage products in the Venue.
  13. Animals, except for Assistance Animals with valid identification, are not allowed inside the Venue.
  14. Items which, in the opinion of the Venue’s Management, have the potential to cause injury or a disturbance or inconvenience to any other person will not be permitted into the Venue. These include controlled, dangerous, or illegal substances, cans, bottles, flares, fireworks, laser pointers, loud hailers and weapons of any description and may include certain musical instruments, flags and flagpoles and any other items considered by the Management to have the potential to cause injury or a disturbance or inconvenience to any other person. The Management reserves the right to add items to the prohibited list at any time. Any prohibited items found will be confiscated by Security.
  15. By entering the Venue, the person consents to these Conditions of Entry.

Date: 22 August 2023
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