Majlis Makan Malam Amal Sambutan 115 Tahun

VIP Dinner

1 Deecember 2023

1st Course

Five Happiness Combination Platter

Szechuan style spicy sea whelk with pickled vegetables
Chilled green mussels with garlic herb oil
Prawn cocktail salad with Oriental coleslaw dressing
Chilled baby abalone with abalony sauce
Lemongrass skewers with seafood dumpling

2nd Course

Szechuan hot and sour soup with baby abalone, prawns, sea cucumber and black mussel

3rd Course

Nyonya style baked chicken served with golden "Mantau" buns

4th Course

Nanyang style steamed barramundi fish with rich spicy and sour coconut cream gravy

5th Course

Creamy salted egg yolk prawn with spicy beancrumb topping

6th Course

Braised beancurd puffs with "wah-wah" cabbage and dumplings

7th Course

Mini lotus fried rice

8th Course

Duo of Chinese desserts

Chinese Tea

Lychee and orange cordial

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