Coca Cola Dinner & Dance

Food Tasting

27 September 2023
Set Dinner - 7 Course Chinese
1st Course
'Supreme Red Ruby' combination
Jellyfish salad with fragrant sesame oil
Sea whelk with aromatic Malay spices
Prawn marinated in Oriental coleslaw dressing
Otak-otak spring roll
Golden treasure box with salted egg yolk
2nd Course
Seafood chowder with Dungeness crabmeat, conpoy, sea cucumber and fried fish maw "yu biao"
3rd Course
Oven-baked chicken with honey rock sugar sauce
4th Course
Golden symphony of the dancing prawn with salted egg yolk
5th Course
Home made beancurd with broccoli florets in crabmeat sauce
6th Course
Wok-fried rice with silver anchovy and salted fish
7th Course
Almond dacquoise with taro mousse cake
Chinese tea
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