Alliance Bank Sales Rally 2023


03 June 2023

1st Course

Supreme red ruby combo

Szechuan-style spicy sea whelk with pickled vegetables

Japanese baby octopus

Prawn cocktail salad with Oriental coleslaw dressing

Salted egg yolk dumpling

Cheese dumplings with breadcrumbs

2nd Course

Double-boiled supreme broth with silky chicken and treasures of the sea

3rd Course

Nyonya style baked chicken served with golden Mantau buns

4th Course

Cantonese-style steamed river patin fish with ginger, scallion paste and supreme soy sauce

5th Course

San ken dumplings with pak-fah floret mushrooms and seasonal green vegetables

6th Course

Fried rice with silver anchovies and salted fish

7th Course

Yam mousse with gingko nut and coconut jelly

Lychee Cordial

Chinese tea

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