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Sustainable Hospitality

At the Centre, we are deeply committed to sustainable hospitality. We strive to provide exceptional experiences while caring for our environment, ensuring every event is as eco-friendly as it is memorable.

Sustainable Menu
Healthy Venue and Sustainable Food Waste Management
The Centre is the first Malaysian venue to receive a ‘Healthy Venue’ certification from the Healthy Venues organisation. As Malaysia's premier purpose-built venue, we are also committed to combating food waste and promoting sustainability practices among our vendors and suppliers.
Sustainable Sourcing
Sustainable Sourcing
To support our commitment to being sustainable, we source 70% of our fruits and meat from across Malaysia with minimal impact on the environment.
Experience the taste of Malaysia. Savour authentic local flavours created with fruits and meat from all corners of the country, and the freshest vegetables grown right on our rooftop. 
To learn more about how your event can be sustainable, get in touch with us through Skye.
Local Sourcing
fresh ingredients
Healthy Venue
Healthy Venue
We follow ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and HACCP standards, ensuring top-notch food safety, environmental management, and occupational health. This commitment to international norms guarantees a safe, eco-conscious environment. Plus, our 'Healthy Choice' symbol on menus emphasises nutritious dining options, promoting a healthy lifestyle for all our guests.
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