The Centre is closed from 13 January to 4 March 2021 due to Malaysian Government’s Movement Control Order.  More information here.

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The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is committed to responsible, ethical and sustainable management practices that contribute to long-term preservation of our venue, event community and society at large.

As part of our standard operating procedures we progressively ensure strict compliance and adherence to ISO and Environmental, Health and Safety regulations.

We have in place policies that encourage ethical behavior in a professional setting and on virtual platforms to ensure the highest level of code of conduct amongst our team and event community.

The Centre encourages openness and transparency in its commitment to the highest standard of integrity and accountability.

If you find or suspect that another person may have committed or may be about to commit any breach of this Code or to violate other Convex policies or procedures or applicable law, whether deliberately or through inadvertence, you can forthwith report by sending an
email to or calling 03 2333 2909

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