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Environmental & Sustainability Policy

CONVEX MALAYSIA SDN BHD acting as the managing agent of the KUALA LUMPUR CONVENTION CENTRE provides meetings, incentives, conventions and event management services to both local and international customers.

Our objective is to support the long-term sustainability goals of the travel and tourism sector in Malaysia. There are various potential environmental impacts steming from the provision of services in this industry.

It is our policy to identify those activities and services that have the potential to cause significant environmental impacts to the public, our employees, suppliers and contractors and to eliminate where practicable or reduce through treatment or other means the impact that they pose.

Our approach to achieving sustainable outcomes starts with our commitment to complying with and exceeding, where practicable, the relevant Malaysian legislation and other requirements set by Malaysian law. These requirements are related to our activities and environmental impacts including those determined by our client and/or subscribed by us.

Our overall objectives are to ensure legal compliances and prevent pollution of the environment and sustainability by continually improving our environmental performance. We will set measurable objectives and targets in terms of environmental related to our significant impacts using the Earth Check programme which requires the setting of benchmarked performance standards and aim for the minimization of environmental impacts, as well as aligning our objectives to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Special consideration will be given to employing and empowering local employees, and wherever possible sustainable products and services will be sourced locally in accordance with Fair Trade principles.

It is our policy to publish the results of our annual performance assessment and this environmental and sustainability policy through regular and effective communication with our guests, employees, suppliers, contractors, the local community and other interested parties. We also encourage them to participate in our environmental and social programmes, where practicable and to aid in our objective to support the long-term sustainability of the travel and tourism sector.

Our customers, employees, suppliers and contractors are encouraged to read, understand and maintain the intent of our policy within our organisation and to communicate this policy to all those who have an interest in our activities and the services we provide.

This policy will be reviewed periodically along with the results of our environmental performance and changes made to reflect our ongoing commitment to the environment.

ALAN MARK PRYOR, General Manager
Date: 23/07/2020
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